Bill Frisell & Mary Halvorson


Bill Frisell & Mary Halvorson

John Zorns The Stone in Europe keeps rolling with two of the most beloved and original guitarists in modern jazz

Lørdag 15. februar, kl 21.00. Dørene åpner kl 20.00 - kr 320/270

Fra en anmeldelse av duoplata The Maid With The Flaxen Hair: A Tribute To Johnny Smith (Tzadik, 2018) i "Although the love of the two guitarists of Smith’s music constantly shines through, they make his versions their own as they meander through these well known compositions. As to Halvorson she does this with her hallmark sound created by a volume pedal and a Line 6 delay modeler plus expression pedal, as to Frisell it’s his reverberant, spacious, open style. Another highlight is “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning“, a classic the duo plays with the utmost respect, almost dissecting it. “Walk Don't Run“, a Smith original and the only uptempo track here, closes the album. It’s a joyful, sparkling number, that sounds as if the notes were made of glass. “I'm nowhere close to getting it right, but I'm going to keep on trying and trying“, Frisell says on playing this tune. That’s a bit too coquettish, of course."

Bill Frisell - gitar,  Mary Halvorson - gitar

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